Big Game Hunter

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Big Game Hunter

Where there is something big and dangerous, there is always a man or woman devoted to proving their own internal fortitude by hunting it. Some things never change.

Game hunter’s usually have a history with a particular creature and/or a need to kill the particular creature they hunt. They utilize all manner of tools including mounts, long rifles, traps, and some even utilize poison. Many times they are egotistical devients, passed their formal hunting years and have lost any reason to continue to hunt but their attitude makes them difficult to work with in a group. Others begin to dread what they have done in the past and instead become Anti-Big Game Hunters and begin hunting the hunters. This usually happens after a close call with a particular animal and the respect gained by the hunter causes a realization in their reasoning for hunting. This can be very dangerous for other hunters and those who have turned usually are even more ruthless than they were went hunting big game. Just one more reason these strange folk don’t work together unless the money is high or it is mutually beneficial and only for a time.

  • Suit: Spades

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Big Game Hunter

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