Ableman are a small but growing group of men and woman who have taken it upon themselves to create a defacto militia in the Wild-lands. One-half old earth Pinkerton security force, one-half militant industrialists, the Ableman work as a cohesive team taking on jobs and services that are the most dangerous, the most impossible, that they can find. It is within their motto ‘Mission and Men’ that everything about their way of life can be seen.

They will go into the heaviest of troll inhabited lands to save a child, they will brave entire airships filled with Energy Cannibals, and they will never, ever leave a man behind. One would think that this would pare down their numbers, but with each story of their deeds the young flock to their small way-stations. They number less than 500 spread across the Wild-lands but most everyone can recognize them. Amongst all those within the Wild-lands, they are greeted with the least hostility. Because, no one, bandit or otherwise, knows when they may need to call on the Ableman.

Long may they protect.
Mission and Men

  • Suit: Hearts
  • Creating Defenses
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Knowledge "Chosen Arc of Science)

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