Wren Dessil

Wren Dessil is probably one of the most well known Elves in the Wild-Lands. His skill has a healer and magic user spread far and wide. Wren never did talk a great deal about his background speaking of his own lands as a place where only Elves lived and that there were thousands of races of elves. His first interactions with humans were positive, he met a Bone-Breaker who healed him of his wounds when he first arrived.

Always interested in human ways Wren took a wife, Sara Dessil and the too settled into a life i the Border Town of Pipes. Wren and Sara tried to have children many times but were unsuccessful all ended with stillborn children. Sara fell into a depression and took her own life after the 4th baby was born dead.

Wren continued on in Pipes for 2 years until he was killed by a bandit group of racist humans that had escaped from the City-States.
The towns-folk rose up and killed the bandit group tearing them limb from limb upon finding out that they had killed Wren.
Wren was cremated and his ashes mixed with his wife’s. Both were taken into the Little Desert and spread near a tree they enjoyed sitting under during the cooler months.

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Wren Dessil

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