Nursery Rhyme Concerning Trolls

Thick hide like bark, black as night,
eyes white like glowing candles in the dark,
the troll comes in their phalanx walk,
across the desert they will stalk,
if your wishes are dark they can find you,
if you do well to others, they may not find you

Trolls are an enigma in the world of post-fall earth. If they can from a realm of magic, they know none now and are susceptible to its uses. However, the Trolls, unlike many races, have dominated the earth since they arrived.
Troll are massive, ranging from 6 feet to 8 feet tall. Their hide is twisted and black with tufts of colored hair. They are a tribal race, following a specific leader until that leader dies in battle at which time they simply choose the second strongest to lead them.

Their weapons include clubs and other objects made of raw materials. They are also incredibly intelligent in their defenses and have learned to make shields out of vehicle doors, old street signs, and concrete slabs. Their intelligence is nearly equal to or equal to a humans.

Scum’s Notes: You will forgive me if these notes are mostly cliffed as I was not about to go and ask the Trolls themselves for information. Trolls are a tribal people, following the strongest, smartest of their kind. They are dogmatic and relentless in their way of life, almost like ants. They utilize everything they come across for their camps and stories range from them using old vehicles as barriers, to entire car doors as shields. They will attack anything that has strayed across their path and caused one of them members harm.
Strangely enough, this has NOT stopped them from being embraced as members of many towns in the Wildlands, many Trolls speak English after only a short learning curve and they are excellent at task oriented jobs. They abhor guns, many surmise this is due to their noise which Trolls seems to be especially sensitive to.

6-8 feet tall

250-400 pounds

Omnivore, they do not eat other bipedal races flesh.

Race Notes:

Trolls breed only with their own and rumors exist that their brood are usually in numbers of 3. Either 3-6 or 9. Troll young don’t mature until around 12 years old when their hide becomes bark like. At this time they are full fledged members and begin fighting. Before that a child’s job is building defenses, foraging food, studying battle tactics, and reciting Troll oral history.

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