Travel Kings

Travel Kings

Though unlikely native to Earth, travel kings have either adapted quickly to Earth’s enviroment or were a native species that went unrecorded in data that has so far surfaced.

Scum’s Notes

I have dubbed the insects as Travel Kings. I named them after the King of pre-fall earth who first used his horse drawn wagon to visit all the lands in his domain. As Travel Kings do somewhat the same thing. I have now tracked the same group for over 200 miles and 3 months in a wide circuit almost like ancient fish would spawn, swimming out to sea and returning to fresh water as the historians say. I will detail their size and shape in my analysis below. I find them amazing bugs. They travel in family groups and at times I have seen the entire group turn around to defend another member of their group. They are ferocious when cornered and can attack in mass by crawling onto the legs of an attacker and biting with their enormous pinchers. Side note: do not try to pick one up! I lost my pinky finger to one of them.

6 to 9 inches from tip of front thorn mandibale to back tip barb

Unknown. I lost a finger picking one up

1-3 miles and hour

Unknown, never seen to eat. They will kill intruders but leave the bodies.

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Travel Kings

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