La jetee

Timeline Of the Post Fall Years

Time fades, memory escapes us, and in the end all men become dust

Yes sit right down boy and let old Scum tell you the history of the world as only he knows it! Pass me that water, there’s a good boy, ah that sure is good. Now where was I? Ah yes. The past.
You see mankind thought he could trick old mother nature, who knows which group did it. The middlers, the dark skins, the scots, or the great falling nation? None know but all saw the results.

The fall took mankind with it, it did, took him and spit him out with other races. And here we are…but let me stop fussing and take a seat. Ah that’s nice, and out of the shade even.

So the first years after the fall mankind spent years digging in the dirt just trying to live, seems around that time the City States started up, most likely bandits all eyed the same hole in the ground but no one knows. The first was Legion, like a pox on the ground mounting up like an old boil set to bursting.

What about the Energy Cannibals you say? Well those dark deeders spread the moment the first City States came along. Then close after that some of those that didn’t like the darkness of the cities moved to the Wild-Lands to escape the slavery and evil. Two hundred years passed and like sibling brothers with an eye for one another’s throats they fought back and forth. Only the Break Neck’s separated them and luckily for the world it did, because quickly each began to believe the other was the boogyman of old. Now in 312AF these little towns, like this here one you were spawned in, have sprouted up, fighting off the Trolls, the evils, the Dark Dwarves.

Oh don’t think the old City States escaped evil. At least the Wild-Lands only have ocean to her north and south. The City-States are surrounded on three sides by pollution, the evil denizens of the sea, and the magical creatures in their forests. Not every single person is evil inside the City-States, I am sure someone is worth a ounce of salvage. But I wouldn’t save to spit water on them.

Now go down to the chalk house and scratch me down one the whoreboard I have my eye on that brunette bang-tail and tell her to get up here. Old Scum aint in the city for long and I am looking for some female companionship, that’s a good boy, no leave the water. I will watch it. Off now!

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