The Enemies of After Earth

Steampunk airship by k miklas

The Enemies and Riches of After Earth

Energy Cannibals and their Smog Air Ships:
Preceded by the metallic creaking of gears and the screams of those that power the great airships, the Energy Cannibals take slaves for their ships, to run the City States, and for whatever other foul experiments they put them to. They are the true blight on the Wild-lands. They poach the lands like hunters taking prey. They are without remorse and without pity. Luckily natural and unnatural barriers keep them from hunting the lands whole-heartedly. The Dragons Malanthrax and Terrisletix both have taken entire airship fleets down with their natural weapons, Silt Riders know how to net and disrupt the giant ships as well but with far less success. The Break Necks themselves make for a difficult and ultimately dangerous journey.

1 rock troll head club

Rock troll wildarm

Desert And Sand Trolls
Those trolls that stay nomadic in the desert are quick to take offense and long to forgive it gladly march to their death without a moments hesitation if they feel someone has entered sacred land or betrayed them.


Flying demons who attack in the night by picking up those they catch unguarded and dropping them from great heights. Nothing puts fear into the hearts of men like the maniacal laughter that precede their attacks.

The Fallen
Those who have fallen into the Fugue or Deep Depression, roam the land living off the blood of travelers, salvagers, and anyone foolish enough to be caught in their various traps.

The Land Itself
The Wild-Land is dangerous at every step. The Little Desert with untold hidden mystery, the massive Earth Sun to the south baking those in the Watch-Tower towns to dust, threaten death in the heat of the day, or the frigid cold of the night. Oasis are everywhere, but no one is safe even within their sheltered groves. Trading posts are there one day, destroyed by dragon fire the next.

Then there are the mysteries of the Post Fall earth that plague the land. Sickness, ancient city areas that stick haphazardly from the sand with machines deep in their bowels still humming as if active and waiting for something to occur. Even the water can poison a man if he drinks it without purification techniques or tablets.

Riches of After Earth

Salvage is everywhere. The Mythra Car-park where thousands of old Post Fall vehicles, sit in great lines as if all those who piloted them suddenly exited the vehicles and walked into the desert. Overrun now by all manner of beasts and easily visible form miles away due to the bleached bones of those adventures fool-hearty enough to attempt entry.

The Chosen Faces, stone statues that are heard to sing in the night and, if rumor is right, tells a man’s fortunes for favors asked in dreams.

The Blocks, a dangerous swatch of buildings, twisted as if in a great megalithic heat, offering salvage for those who are brave enough to enter their shadowy confines and confront those that scream within.

The Enemies of After Earth

After The Fall: EarthFall Malanthrax