Tag-34 7 Bravo


Tag-34 7 Bravo was one of the lucky Bots to come to the Post Fall earth. His arrival was relatively gentle and unlike most of his kind he was not damaged in his early years. Tag-34 was a servitor druid of some kind on his own planet and took up residence in Notches, and quickly becoming popular with the townsfolk there.

10 Years after his arrival he won the popular election for Marshall in the town and held the job for 23 years, keeping the town relatively peaceful and only being involved in a few firefights, he was relatively unscathed. That ended in the 23rd year of his tenur as Marshall. A small child was kidnapped by a mercenary group for salvage ransom. The mistake of the group was that they kidnapped the wrong child.

Tag-34 knew that when the mercenaries found out the truth about the child they held, they would kill the child and simply move on.
Tag-34 took the action to leave the town and enter the Little Desert, knowing full well that his parts would most likely not survive the trip.

2 months later he returned with the child, his paint stripped bare, his functions barely able to keep him powered up. The child had luckily not been killed and was returned to his parents.
Tag-34 effectively died many days later. The local Armatist could not sustain his power cells for the time needed to recharge them and his memory corrupted.

The town voted to have him restored cosmetically and Tag-34 remains as a testament to mankind and Robot kind and their uneasy peace. He sits now in the corner of the Cuttery in town, his paint fresh, his eyes painted with luminescent oil to make him appear active.

At least twice a decade groups of adventurers try to identify a way to boot Tag-34 back up but have never succeeded in supplying his unit with enough power to bring him out of the failed status he sits in.

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Tag-34 7 Bravo

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