No known pictures or drawings exist of Shrine. A large man, nearly 7 feet tall, Shrine was a striking figure and at times was a preacher, gun fighter, bandit, and Water Walker. His popularity with townsfolk was always high as Shrine was a known protector of the weak and was very likely to take up arms against bandits and bounty hunters alike.

Shrine’s most prestigious battle came at the Car-Yard where he was ambushed by seven men, including a Dwarf Spellbreaker. Shrine shot the Dwarf and 3 other men before they even knew he was shooting. He killed the other 4 as they tried to escape. He later found out they had kidnapped a young woman who saw the entire fight from her makeshift cell they had built in the car-yard. He returned her to her parents and found himself to be a legend before his time.

Shrine often spoke of knowing people in the City States who he was not from their and also seemed preoccupied by the Making.

At the age of 34 Shrine left the Wild-Lands with the plan to stop The Making. No one knows how he planned to do this, but whenever asked he seemed assured of success. He was never seen from again.

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