Saw Tails

Saw Tails are a large black feathered bird, with serrated barbs where their tail feathers should be. They use these feathers to attack and fight for mates.

Scum’s Notes:
Saw Tails are the most aggressive species of bird I have ever seen. Their only equal in the animal world would be snakes or old fighting dogs. They fight frequently for almost everything and their angry squawk can be heard for up to 2 miles. They are large birds and take in both dead and live pray. They are like an angry grandmother swatting at a child all day long. I have found that in a single day 3-4 of their kind will be dead due to injuries sustained from fighting. However, in each flock of standard size, 400-1000, there is always a single male bird that rules the roost. This bird seems to grow far larger that the others, up to 12 foot wingspans according to a skeletal drawing I saw. They are know to be impervious to buckshot and their breastbones are amazingly hard for their weight, stopping many small caliber weapons.

2 to 4 feet long, wingspan of 6-12 feet

30-100 pounds depending on place in Flock

Everything. They eat Everything.

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Saw Tails

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