Sara Sue Shell


Sara Sue Shell was one of the first Gargoyle Hunters to grace the Wild-Lands. Her uncontrollable desire to kill the flying creatures was never knows and she was known to be a hard woman, quick to anger, and always moving to some further goal that only she could see. Her popularity grew due to her utter and complete ability to kill Gargoyles wherever she found them.

She accomplished this with her Haymaker 70. A 70 caliber rifle that she carried with her at all times. A skilled marksman with excellent night vision, Sara Sue would consistently lure Gargoyles to her campsite with makeshift traps that made it look like her campsite was manned by four or five men, women and children. She would sing choir songs and used a metal set of pans to make it sound like more than 1 person was singing. When the Gargoyles would dive in for attack they would find that the disguised humans were actually old clothes over hay statues that were coated in a sticky flammable liquid, she would then shoot the Gargoyles not only inflicting horrible damage but the heat of the round would ignite the liquid killing them either by fire or by the gunshot.

Her death was another matter entirely Sara Sue fell in love with a wanderer named Jeb Volson. A brigand, ex mercenary and all around deviant, no one could fathom why a smart woman like Sue would fall in love with such a poor to do man.

Upon returning home from a successful hunt, Sara found Jeb in bed with two of the local whores. An argument started and Jeb shot Sara in the face, killing her instantly.

Jeb was run out of town and found dead two weeks later.

Ironically enough, he had been killed by Gargoyles. On his chest, written in his own blood was the single word “Thanks”

Those who Came Before

Sara Sue Shell

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