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Robots, though listed as a minor race are increasing in number. Those spoken to do not seem to have come from the same world or dimension but instead seem to be confused over their arrival at all. It is as if their passing through the making has wiped a good deal of their memory away, effectively corrupting their memory.

Scum’s Notes:
Turnbough is a ROBOT. Unlike some, he looks the part with vast lengths of ropey wires and gears showing along his back. He has slowed as he has aged, his parts wearing out over time and without proper lubrications. Or as he says it, ‘The damn sun and sand in this place is terror on my parts’. Turnbough never did regain memory of his past world and as so many ROBOT’s before him, this has caused him to be an anomaly. A creature with vast ability and intelligence with no ability to use it. They can rarely adventure as if they are damaged even the most skilled Artamist could not remake the parts, and they can not make effective use of their intelligence as first hand information of the world is not available to them. They are weapons with no enemies.

Assorted pics I have pasted into the diary and some I have purchased from traders. You can see that no two seem alike.

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