Ridding Beasts

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Riding Horses

Horses, donkeys, mules, asses, and Turkets are all raised and bred by Horse-Breakers in various areas of both the Wild-Lands and even in the City States

Horses are generally bred for trotting and long distance, with only the very occasional sprinter being born.

Horse Breeding Families:
Denab Thurston
Tein Wilshire

Donkeys are generally bred for trotting and pulling of wagons and carriages. They are shorter and heavier on foot that horses but not nearly as quick. However a donkey can usually make it 1 1/2 as long without food and water and be ridden longer, though slower, than a horse.

Mules and Asses are both generally pack creatures that carry extra gear and salvage. They are notoriously of bad temperament and do not like riders.

Turkets are a horse bred especially for incredibly hard pulling with bodies somewhat like mules but thicker, taller and wider, and can be ridden by the largest of men. A Turket if fed properly can usually outrun most other horses and for longer periods of time.

Supply creatures

A couple alien creatures not of Post-Fall earth have arrived in the Wild-lands. Including the strange short legged lizard looking Armadeliod and the incredibly large CC supply creature. Both have yet to be bred by families.

Ridding Beasts

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