Reever’s usually take a life as a specific specialty such as

  • Bone Bender
  • Medicine man
  • Sew Nurse
  • Saw Man

Reever’s take their anatomical data from either books or training and utilize it to set up a practice in an area where the need has been established that a doctor could be used. Doctors of all kinds are usually highly respected for their duties and can set up shop in most towns with little difficulty and with assistance from the townsfolk. Occasionally a medicine man with no training or fake tonics will leach onto the particular name of a doctor and try to live off the fame. Their lives are usually very short as their poultices and cures are much worse than the problems they suggest that they can heal.

  • Suit: Diamonds

Character Creation Tree
Social – Physical (player decides)

Skills on Creation
Knowledge "Chosen Arc of Science)

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