Marshall Ted Branson

Brom gunslinger

Ted Branson. Very little was know about his past, but when he arrived in the Watch-Tower towns he made his presence known almost instantly.

Marshall Branson created the Watch-Towers and their way of communicating, he created the special language of flashing lights to warn one another of attacks, and he showed those in the towns how to defend themselves from attackers.

He was a man driven to assist others.

Sadly, he was a man haunted by demons that could not be tamed. He was a drug user and fornicater whose appetite for female flesh was unrivaled even in the sex slave pits of the City States. A gentlemen at all times except while on drugs, Marshall Branson saw his end by the combined efforts of 4 men in town who discovered that their wives had been frequenters of the Marshall’s special jail cell he had just for female guests. It was a testament to Marshal Branson that after killing 2 of the men he gave the other 2 men the option of walking away from the fight. They chose to stay. Both died, but one of them clipped Branson with a single shot to the cheek.

Marshall Branson died of infection. His guns at his side and still wearing his familiar uniform. On his death bed he apologized to those he had wronged and died uttering the following words

A man can not escape his past. It holds onto you like tendrils. I spent too much time trying to forget what I did in my youth and instead caused trouble with my drug use and womanizing. Tell the wives of the men I killed I am sorry. A couple hours pleasure was not worth their mens deaths. It is a far better place those men have gone to and I am sad that I will not be joining them for they were good men and deserved no wrong, I would have enjoyed their company.

Those who Came Before

Marshall Ted Branson

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