Hit points

Hit-points are the total of a characters Strength, Stamina, and Willpower totals + Age.

This reflects the character brute force, his ability to soak damage, and his own internal fortitude to continue to fight. Together they make the sum of the man, give or take skills or abilities he or she picks up in their life within the lands of the Post-Fall earth.

This plus a characters armor can reflect varying degrees of the type of person a character appears to be.

Is he a brute who can deal damage with physical blows but with little ability to soak damage, and no heart?
Or is he a smaller quicker man, who takes his time to attack but has the willpower that allows him to fight through damage.
Or lastly is he a man who seems average with no real skill other than the natural born ability to take damage like a middle weight boxer before the Fall of Earth?

Player Classes and Rules

Hit points

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