Healing in the Post-Fall world is on a averaged basis

Healing without medical assistance

  • 1 Day with at least 6 hours sleep = 1 hit point

Healing with medical assistance

  • +1 hitpoint of slashing/piercing damage if performed by a Sew Nurse/Doctor
  • +1 hitpoint of blunt damage if performed by a Bone Bender

Willpower and its effect on healing
A Willpower score of higher than 5 adds +1 to each days healing

Without magical means or skills the most someone will be able to heal will be 3 hitpoints a day with 6 hours sleep.

*A Special Note about Poisoning and Illnessesbq). *
Poison does direct statistic damage never hit point damage.

Radiation – Stamina and Strength
Fouled water – Stamina and Strength
Animal Bile – Strength and Dexterity
Shakes – Dexterity and Perception
Pox – Appearance and Strength
Boils = Appearance and Stamina
Skits – Dexterity and Intelligence
The Leggers – Dexterity and Perception
Broken-Jaw – Perception and Wits
Double Spin – Dexterity and Wits
Miota = Strength and Willpower and Wits

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