Elf gunslinger red 600


Elves are the only true spell casting race, born at birth with the ability, that has so far come to the Post Fall Earth. They excel at mental and physical attributes however, they frequently live incredibly short lives as their magic physically drains them of life energy when cast.

Elves start with
+1 in Knowledges and +1 Willpower

4 to 5 feet

150-250 pounds. Solid muscle


Race Notes:

Elves breed with either their own or humans(usually non-forced) this usually results in 2-3 children. Elven children have the same death rate as human children. Unless they are a half breed such as a Half human/Half Elf or a Half Elf/Half Dwarf, where the child takes on the races normal fatality rate. The children stay with either the mother or father or both and at the age of 9 decide if they wish to leave and branch out on their own or stay with the family and continue the traditions of the father.

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