Dark Dwarves

For reasons unknown, even to the few Dark Dwarves that speak of it, none of their normally more cordial and passive brethren have Fallen to earth.

Dark Dwarves a a sadistic breed, with an almost racist view of all other races. They delight in torture and mayhem, they are known to hold EPIC Grudges for years and will hunt down entire families if a single member has wronged them. Sadly their idea of being wronged is someone escaping their slave pens.

Scum’s Notes:
As the saying goes, ‘There are only 2 things worse than a Dark Dwarf. A Pissed off Dark Dwarf and a comrade of a Pissed off Dark Dwarf.’ And it is true. They are almost universally a nasty and mean bunch. They do not travel as a group and single Dark Dwarves are a normal sight. In fact sometimes a Dark Dwarf will simply walk into a town and take up residence building a business where they see the opening for it. Whether they notice or care about the lack of customers due to their mean demeanor is unknown and they frequently stay for as long as they live.

4.5 to 6 feet

250-350 pounds. Solid muscle


Dark Dwarves start with
+1 in Physical attributes

Race Notes:

Dark Dwarves breed with either their own or humans(usually rape) this usually results in 2-3 children. Dark Dwarves are hardy and usually children do not die. The children stay with either the mother or father or both and at the age of 9 decide if they wish to leave and branch out on their own or stay with the family and continue the traditions of the father.

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