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Dorgal’s are not native to earth and are not found in any old mytholody books that have been seen post Fall. They are a human/dog like race that can speak basic English when taught.

Scum’s notes
The Dorgal known as James is a standard sized Dorgal. He is perhaps 4 feet tall and covered along his limbs and back with fine golden short hair. His face reminds me of pre-fall dogs in pictures, the kinds of which were once calls Golden Retrievers. James knows a bit of English and, as most Dorgal’s is most lively in the afternoon hours. He was picked up by his current owner, feeding on the tits of a bitch that had puppies of her own. Dorgal’s have more than a passing resemblance to dogs of earth. I find it strange that their human characteristics seems slightly off compared to what one would assume to see in a half breed. James has very good hearing, though not as good as a normal dogs, and as with most Dorgal’s is incredibly loyal to his host family. Though many Dorgal’s could end up as slaves to their masters, James has not and he has a legitimate place with his host family, watching them and keeping the peace between the two children Dan and Hystola.

4-5 feet tall

Weight: 80-120 pounds

Diet: Omnivore

Special Notes:
Dorgal’s as a race seem to have slightly blunted noses compared to true dogs. They also do not always take the leader of the pack role if living with other dogs, and do not see their ability to wield guns or speak as being worth more than any normal pack member.

Dorgal’s breed with only their kind and usually give birth to 6-12 pups of which 1-3 die before they are 2 weeks old. Pups live with the adults for 1-3 years and as they are family bound they can stay in their pack or travel off on their own depending on their wish.

+1 Knowledge
+1 Social Pool

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