As The World Stands

As the World Stands


In the Wildlands
Elves, battle side to side with humans, Dark Dwarfs torture and rule in their sadistic ways, trolls rule the desert lands in nomad fashion, and all of them tremble in terror as the two mighty dragons the massive Blue-black Terrisletix and the black and silver cyborgish Malanthrax continue their epoc old battle in the skies above.

The City States
Here the Energy Cannibals use human slaves to power their machinery and light their cities, all men bend to the will of the City Lords that control the massive Colosseum cities of Legion, Drome, Damon, and Praxus

The East Lands
Here the forests twisted in misery rise up to colossal heights. Most people from the City-States or the Wild lands never make it there as the Dragon’s Teeth make an excellent natural barrier. However, some do make it through, and from that number an even smaller amount return. They tell stories of magnificent forests, beautiful lands, mixed with nightmare bogs, swamps the size of entire old nations, and land dragons that move with the speed of old Pre-Fall vehicles and can change color with the blowing wind._

The 5th Fortress
A massive complex from before the Fall, miles long, the 5th Fortress stands on the outskirts of the Making. No man or woman has ever successfully breached its walls, no one knows what lays within its secret walls and passages. Those who get close enough to it, see that at times light moves within the massive fortress as if people still inhabit it.

The Shriek
A strange stormlike anomaly near the 5th fortress that kills anyone who comes near it. The sound of its screeching winds are so loud that those who brave its depths are crushed by the very sound alone.

The Making
Here hidden somewhere in the depths of the westlands beyond the City States and into the deep forests, lies the making. A mystery, the only thing known of the Making, is that humans caused it by prodding science too hard with their investigations. The Making now, warps the worlds, crashing different worlds into Earth and leaving behind all manner of alien things. Trolls, Elves, Dwarf’s, Dragons, BOTS, and fiends of all manners.

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As The World Stands

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