After The Fall: EarthFall

Week 1 Act 3 Fight with the Golem

In one split second Esra begins running down the sand-dune as duel shots hit the creatures body. One from Chip’s long rifle the other from Victor’s handgun. The creature doesn’t seem to notice at all and brings both if its fist down onto a female Elf you never got the name of. She explodes in a mess of wet bones and internals as she is crushed instantly. Ezra makes it to the bottom of the sand dune and begins sprinting at an angle to keep a wide distance from the creature.

Suddenly an explosion rocks the area as one of the groups glass grenades smashes into the creatures right arm sending melted glass shards into the air and burning down the creatures neck and side. Those beneath it scatter in terror as a screaming whistle erupts from the creatures skull and it claws at the burning glass.

Simon roll to shoot.

Victor what are you going to do?


Seeing that the glass grenade is having some effect, I ready one of the two I have in my inventory to throw at the golem’s chest.

Week 1 Act 3 Fight with the Golem

I take a steady aim and try to shoot the creature in the face.

7 of hearts.

Week 1 Act 3 Fight with the Golem

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