After The Fall: EarthFall

Week One Act 4 Fight with the Golem Part 3

Victor’s grenade explodes with a tremendous flash spewing hot glass around the body of the Golem, steaming and blistering the steel. A few of the party leap for their lives as the burning glass and bits of fiery steel fall down around them almost burning 2 of the group before they can roll out of the way.
Ezra fires two more times slamming another shot into the Golem, this time putting a 2 inch hole in the armor of its neck, and another through the bicep of its right arm. Still unmoving, Chip fires as quickly as he can pull the trigger, chipping away the armor at its chest but to no real effect.

One of the men standing near the things feet yells at the top of his lungs, “Watch out!” He then thrusts both of his hands into the sand and grabs two large handfuls, as he pulls them up the sand begins to sparkle and shift and swirl, turning into 2 separate clouds. Growing, the sand clouds, one around each hand, quickly spread to the height and width of a man. The creature seems to stare at the man in puzzlement for a moment then reaches down to smote him from the dune the fingers of his hand creaking open as if almost rusted shut.
But the man is quicker and thrusts both his hands straight up towards the giant and screams something you can’t understand through the cacophony of sound. The sand streaks up into the things face, sandblasting inches of steel from the creatures head and flesh from its face. It bellows and steps back stunned by the sheer damage it has taken. Quickly another man leaps up and sprints along the dune and quickly tackles the Mage out of the way as the Golem’s hand comes crashing back down into the dune where the mage had stood just a moment before.

Another Mage, a thin bald headed woman with burn scars along her lips, uses the creatures surprise against it and arcs 2 silvery electric shots of energy into the flesh of its face, melting an eye and twisting 2 of the gears from its skull that go flying into the sky with a wrenching tearing metal sound.

“We are attracting every flesh eater for 10 miles and just pissing this thing off.” Chip yells, quickly reloading his rifle. What do you say we send our uninvited guest home?" He flips open his coat and grabs what looks like a mason jar filled with greenish yellow fireflies in it and tosses it lightly into the air."

“I need a diversion.” He yells again nodding at the creature that is currently swatting at some of the party members who are baiting it into attacking them so the slower people can escape. “What do you say?”

What do you want to do to get the creatures attention so that Chip can get close enough to use whatever weapon he has planned?


Simon’s post:

Ezra continues shooting.

4 of hearts


I run an arc towards and around the golem. Firing on it to see if I can get it to turn at me and away from Chip.


Ace of clubs


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