After The Fall: EarthFall

Week 1 Fight Act 5 Fight with the Golem Part 4

Ezra Fires a series of shots that impact the screaming golem’s mouth and neck with spurts of black blood rewarding each shot. Victor runs at an angle firing again and again as fast as he can. The golem takes a step towards Victor crushes a Elven man who was attempting to damage its legs with a shotgun. Chip’s strange grenade arcs perfectly through the air and breaks on the creatures face spewing glowing yellow embers in a cloud around its face.
For a moment the golem seems puzzled by what happened then suddenly the glowing embers begin to puff up in size and then burst with incredibly bright but silent flashes. So bright that they dwarf the suns brightness on a cloudy day. The creature moans a angry moan and swats at the glowing embers as each one bursts you see bits of flesh and steel burn off in a circular pattern like the bubble of light was superheated. Finally one of the embers bursts near the creatures chin and just as instantly the creatures moans and screaming are silenced as a massive amount of its neck evaporates.

Without another sound it falls backwards to the sand shaking the earth as it hits.

Quickly you come together to take stock of your situation. In total 6 people have perished during the creatures attack. Some of the party strip the bodies and take them to the bottom of a gulch nearby and bury them in the sand there. One of the elves drops some kind of green leaf over the grave of each of those that died and says a few words in their strange guttural language. When the prayer ends the leaves instantly burn and turn to ashes.

Chip gathers everyone together.
“We knew this kind of thing would happen. Its sad yes but they knew it was dangerous when they accepted the job in town. Zed and turner can you go and find their supplies and split them up. Spread out their weapons and ammo amongst the group. Rifles for anyone who just has a handgun now.”

He turns to you both, “Well it is good to know you handle yourselves as well as I had heard. You handled yourselves in a scrap.” +3 EXP for both of you.

“I say we stay in the shadow of this thing until nightfall and continue from there. Daytime is getting too dangerous and will only grow moreso as we continue to the mountains.” He gives the path ahead a quick glance than looks back at you. “Catch some shuteye someone will wake you for your watch.”

As you go to lay down to rest some of the party are already making small leanto’s against the creatures lower bodies and legs to protect themselves from the sand. Out near the parameter of the camp one of the party members has a piece of thick paper and sits facing the creature, sketching quickly.

Roll Investigation + Perception + card.


Inv: 2 + Per: 2 + Card: King (diamonds)


(1+1) + Card is 8 of hearts.


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