After The Fall: EarthFall

Week 1 Act 2

The figure continues to solidify in front of you as the watery eyelid of the mirage opens to true sight and you begin to catch details.
A man by the looks of him, he moves with a shuffled gate like he is carrying a bag or game over his shoulder and uses a bent barreled rifle as a walking stick. He leans heavily against the rifle as he walks and you can see that the hand that holds it is covered by a thick brownish leather glove to prevent chaffing from long hours of heat, sand, and sun.
“Like one that on a lonesome road…” Chip whispers behind you.
“Damns man that is omonious.” Victor cuts back.
Chip chuckles under his breath. “Apologies. It just reminded me of the story of the ancient sand sea pirate. A man, who was betrayed by his shipmates and tasked with walking the sands for all eternity until he took vengeance on those who betrayed him.”
“Story time must have been enjoyable in yer home.” Ezra points out.
Chip shrugs. “All tales tell tricks as my father used to say .”
You finally stop at the top of a thick curly dune maybe 50 yards from being face to face with the old man. The brisk wind that Chip warned you about is kicking up and by now the black thick trail of hardened track has twisted into the north leaving you at the beginnings of the True Dunes.
The man stops at the top of the dune he was ponderously climbing and looks up as if noticing you the first time.

From here you can see that he is as tall as an average man, his face is shiny with sweat and brown from the sun. A thick belt is wrapped twice around a thin frame that is bare of anything but what appears to be a book or square of leather for sun timing. His head is thick with white and stringy hair that hands to his shoulder. He looks generally the worse for wear.
“That’s the look of a man who has been desert bound for a long while.” Chip says to no one in general.

“A pint for information of the dunes ahead?” The old man calls out suddenly. His voice is dry and you can here the hoarseness from here.
Chip turns to you both. “I have no qualms with information. Do you?”


I toss my extra water skin to victor, who is in the lead at this point. (since he said he was leading in the last post). I also give him a knowing look, in which i try to express to him that I have his back. If Victor decides to move up toward the man I will follow him up.

i want roll to see if this guy is trying to decieve us. Not sure what to roll on.
perception = 2, int =2, wits =1.

I drew a 9 of spades.. (diamonds are my suit)

Random card generator website. (pretty cool)

Week 1 Act 2

I take the water skin and trust that Ezra and chip are watching of anything out of the ordanary. I am just focusing on not being threatening and slowly walking the water to the man.

Week 1 Act 2

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