Willpower is the driving force of characters within the AfterEarth world.

Willpower is a character’s strength and manipulation scores averaged.

Will power can be checked against on its own but it can also make the following playing modifiers;

  • Additional actions in a turn 1 for 1
  • Ignoring wound effects 1 point used for every minute of action.

Using willpower drops the temporary score and that score can go as low as 0. Temporary scores can not exceed the maximum amount.

Willpower is a finite and very difficult trait to measure. Thus there are no effects for having a higher than 1 willpower however if a character uses all of their available willpower points they have finally given up, given in, and are listless, tired, mentally unstable and prone to depression with a -10 to all actions.

Willpower can be regained via situations that speak to the characters nature and demeanor. This is within the game masters sphere to decide however some examples for a character that has a Explorer Nature and a Judge Demeanor are as follows;

  • Seeing an innocent punished
  • True knowledge of new mysteries or area to travel to


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