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Special Note about Damage

A weapon only deals 1 type of damage per attack. Not all of them combined. This is especially true of ballistic weapons as different bullets types doing completely different damage. Thus a hollowpoint does blunt, while armor piercing rounds do piercing.
This should ease bookkeeping a great deal. Damage for the ammo type-armor type=damage done.

Notes Concerning Skills, Armatist’s, and Ammo

Weapons do damage based on a slashing/piercing/blunt system and while damages for guns and blades are generic, an Artimist’s, ammo’s rating, or a special skill itself, will either add or subtract damage accordingly.

Novice/Old Ammo/ – Damage listed
Adequate/Fresh Ammo/ +1D4
Masterful/Special Ammo +1D6
Spiritual/Arcane +/- Success rating of creation

Sword/Knife weapons usually do only slashing/piercing damage + bonuses from skills
Axes and pole-arms usually do slashing/blunt + bonuses from skills
Projectile weapons do piercing/blunt + bonuses from skills
Energy/Particle/Runic weapons do damage according to their function + bonuses from skills

*Example Damages

Knife 1s/1p
Sword 2s/2p or higher

Blunt: (Strength above 4 = +1 damage)
Club Wood 1b
Club Mixed Metal/Wood 2b
Club Metal 3b

Projectile weapons:
22 Caliber 2p/2b
44 Caliber 30o6 7p/5b
45 Caliber 7mm 6p/7b
50 Caliber 8p/9b
12 Gauge 4p/5b
16 Gauge 3p/4b

Handgun Usually +2 t to above damage type
Rifle Usually +3 to above damage type

Handgun +4 to above damage type
Rifle +5 to above damage type

Magic damage is discussed in the magic section but for all intents and purposes the spell will usually match either slashing, piercing, or blunt damage.

To put weapons into perspective.

An Armatist with 2 in Strength, 2 in Stamina, and 5 in Willpower would have a total of 9 hit-points and able to take a single 45 caliber bullet but be left incapacitated if they wore no armor.

The following are examples of armor setups and the same bullet:

Brass armor 5 points of damage dealt

Brass with with steel plated over it 4 points of damage dealt

Cloth + Hide + Brass 3 points of damage dealt

Cloth + Hide + Steel 2 points of damage dealt

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