Vehicles Steeds and Four Legged Things

That right there is a Ford Mustang…

Strangely enough some vehicles do exist in the post fall world. Not everything was destroyed in the fall, not every bit of information was ruined, books remained, the occasional area that somehow ignored destruction.

Vehicles in post fall are usually a barebones style buggy, running on ethonal mixed from plant/food debris. These are foul running smoky machines, often worth more as scrap than as transportation and ultimatily the massive targets they become for raiders. However, some bandit groups have a couple vehicles, basic affairs for carrying heavy loads or quick strike vehicles.


Horses, camel’s, and a couple other strange creatures from the making have been used as steeds with horses receiving the most domestication and care. Camel’s are excellent long haul animals but due to the way they utilize water within their fatty humps they are far more susceptible to cancer’s and other assorted illnesses due to their collection of waste materials inside the hump.

Life span:
Horse 7-10 years
Camel 4-7 years

Vehicles Steeds and Four Legged Things

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