The Tofkinok are a truly alien race, introduced to Earth during the cataclysmic times after and during the Fall. The Tofkinok share few similarities with other races on Earth. They are a mysterious race with a heritage that they trace back through something they call the Dark Web. They are inherently magical yet super massive creatures, lumbering in their movements, but quick of wit and speech. Their language is a mix of low bellows and throaty barks that is both above and below a human’s ability to hear. When a Tofkinok speaks the words heard by everyone else is only a very thin range of audible sound. Vast libraries of data and communication can be passed between two members of the Tofkinok race in a very short time due to the various layers within their voices.

The mending with and using of magic is an instinctual drive of the Tofkinok race. Despite being massive and slow to move, physically they are dexterous of hand and gesture and can work with the most delicate of tools utilizing incredibly sensitive pads on their fingers that have gripping surfaces that can be expanded and contracted by thought. Though inherently magical, Tofkinok do not shun fire arms or science but instead view them as steps to a higher knowing and needed skills for survival.

The Tofkinok speak of their world in hushed barks and throaty sadness filled songs. They sing of a world long lost to a cataclysmic disaster that was held together by the magical power of the Tofkinok elders for thousands of years. Millions of their race were indoctrinated into this required lifestyle and those chosen would have their life essence used to hold bits of their world. They speak of a binary star system where one star was angry, the other silent. Not all of their race came to Earth during the Fall, and like other newly arrived races, they yearn for a way back to their world. Even if only to save more of their loved ones.

The Tofkinok do not have many stories or any real history before the Great Split, which is their term for the disaster that cracked their world. Nor do they have a memory of what exactly caused it. They do speak of a particular magi of their race that dared to seek the secrets of the Dark Web and what he found shattered their world. However, most of their race think that the tales are nothing more than superstition and a way to make sure that all of their race respect magic and its power and cost.

Physique, Diet and Lifespan:

Height: Tofkinok range from 6-13 feet tall from birth to old age.

Weight: Up to two tons. Though not as tall or physically large as a Manosteen their bulk is a mixture of a thick bone structure, that appears to be superdense, and a musculature that has been compared to stone.

Diet: Omnivore Temperament: Peaceful through Vengeful

Age limit: 100 years +

Childhood 1-6 Years: At this age Tofkinok pattern themselves after a Watcher. Watchers are particular members of their race that are tasked with taking care of Tofkinok children. The children are quick to learn and gain almost 70% of their adult body mass in the first 6 years of their lives. Their bony mask, a series of tusks and bones that grow around the face, also begins to sprout during their childhood years. The mask of bone is surprisingly brittle at this age. During this period of a child’s life they do not know of nor understand magic. Though Tofkinok gain the ability to speak at around 1 year their voices are incapable of creating the complex sub and ultra sonic sound vibrations needed to clearly communicate.

Teens 7-17 years: By their 7th birthday a Tofkinok will begin to show signs of magical ability. Their bony face masks will begin to harden and their facial features will solidify during this time as well. Also their voices will begin to exhibit a particular broken tone as their vocal cords adjust to their unique language requirements. A Tofkinok’s magical ability will usually make itself known by the appearance of small rough textured pads on their fingertips as well as a reddish-green eye shine that occurs day or night. During these years the teen leaves the care of the Watcher that they were assigned to and moves into the camp proper. They will be expected to assist adults with hunting, gathering, spell preparations, and even trading with other races.

Young Adults 18-25 years: This is the age that Tofkinok will branch out on their own and begin to learn and understand their use of ancestral magic. This magic is innate and requires no training to clumsily wield. However, a Tofkinok just learning magic will seek out elders to teach them how to properly modulate their thoughts and voices to create the magical results that they seek. The more elders that a training Tofkinok finds and learns from, the more varied their magic will be. It is only during this particular time that they can truly learn without difficulty or hindrance. Learning additional magic in their later stages of life is notoriously difficult for Tofkinok although it is not impossible.

Adult 26-90: A Tofkinok of this age can breed, create a home, teach others of their race, and perform any adult duties within the race. They are a flexible race, when it comes to their talents, and many combine magic with science, become explorers and there are even stories of Tofkinok Armatists.

Despite their ancestral magic they are not limited to any particular role or lifestyle. Between the ages of 26 and 34 they also inherently learn the art of the life-song, a song that they can sing with opposite genders of their race to create life. The female and male of the race will find a private place, usually a lodging, or one of their homes, and begin singing. Many days may pass as both individuals ignore food and water and sing to the Dark Web. These songs are unique to each pair and during the singing an egg is created within the female’s stomach. This egg grows as the song continues until it is roughly the size of a large rock. The female then regurgitates the egg and the parents continue to sing to the newly formed life. The egg takes 3-4 hours to hatch after the female regurgitates it.

In the later adults years of a Tofkinok’s life, somewhere around 90 years of age, they quickly begin to grey. This is the term their race uses for the advancement from adult to old age and before they grey they suffer no age related illnesses nor do they really appear to change physically as adults. The onset of the grey is quick and without warning.

Old Age-Ancient 90-100+: Immediately after a Tofkinok greys they are considered to be of old age, elders, or ancient. During this time their bodies begin to lose weight at a tremendous pace and their mental and physical traits wane quickly. Their deaths due to old age are rarely slow and usually a Tofkinok can guess the day and time of their death 1-2 years before its occurrence.

Reach & Range: Tofkinok range from the upper north-western area of the Wild-lands to the Dragon Spine mountains. Tofkinok have no racial enemies and due to their nature and valuable trading resources, they have spread across the breadth of the Wild-lands almost unchecked.


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