Sex in Afterearth

Male Female Whatever

Scum’s Notes When you are in danger you don’t lift the tail of the dog that is protecting you to check its plumbing!

Men and women fight side by side against evil every day. Men and woman perform horrible acts against one another every day. It is a fact. Two hands, two feet, and a brain are all that is needed to save a life or take one and the gender roles of men and women are profoundly similar in the Afterearth world. People are judged on their skills, if a woman is not as strong as a man but a better thinker, her role in a community will reflect that. The same is equally true of a man.

Sex, Babies, and Death

Men and woman marry, some never do, others rape, others sell themselves. The world is a harsh place and there is very little place for shades of gray when death looms so close. If a person wants to sell their bodies for cash, they are viewed the same way as an innkeeper selling alcohol. Some innkeepers are treated exceptionally well, others like trash, depending on circumstance, parties involved, and local tradition. The same can be said for prostitutes and others. In some areas a prostitute may be a fairly well off man or woman, in other places they rut in a ditch. Circumstances warrant decisions.

Infection and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The world is a hardy place. Though infections and other diseases can sprout up, most of those and their kin who have survived this long in After-earth are hardy men and woman who’s bodies fight off the more mundane diseases or their line is quickly extinguished. The only prevalent disease is Syphilis which symptoms can be mitigated by most Sew nurses, or magic.

Sex in Afterearth

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