Scums Weapon and Magic Library

Scum’s Notes:Guns make a great deal of racket, however they make a great big hole in the enemy. Magic works on forces no one can explain, it is hard to learn, but harder to defend against. Lastly, science and its arts can create explosion, liquid fire and almost magic effects in its own rights. It’s like a game of rock-paper-scissors, while on fire.



Guns Random List
Guns from Pre-Fall are usually found in old forges, military complexes, and within the homes of those who collected them before the fall. All manner of Pre-Fall guns are available and some City States have even had some luck copying designs.
Pictures and drawings of some Pre-Fall Weapons

Marksman carbine

Gun thumbs ck2010


Dark nova  civ weapons by breandan o ciarrai

Gun concept isolated


Magic, usually either something an Elf or Dwarf is born with, or particular humans learn over a great deal of time. Magic can defeat science and guns as it bends reality across the planes and ignores the normal rules of science. However, magic is slow to wield, difficult to control, and hard on the practitioner.
Magic How Does it Work

Artist sven geier fractal art work dusty


Science is the art of explosions and fire, of almost magic-like chemical mixtures and traces of scant materials. Science can create armor from old metal, can burn glass, and poison even the most powerful magic user. A master of the technological arts can wield power almost like magic itself. Weaving fire in the air, spreading illness with the drop of a capsule into a drought well, or healing someone of dangerous illnesses. Explosions

Scums Weapon and Magic Library

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