Scum's Tales of History

Scum’s Notes: No one man knows everything about what happened during the pre-fall times. So I have decided to collect my notes, and wherever 2 or more chroniclers agreed, I will write down the information here. I have separated into sections for easier reading.

The Earth Before the Fall…What we know?

Science controlled the world. Injuries, illnesses, even cosmetic disfigurements could be repaired with ease. Science warped the way man thought, controlled attention spans with ‘Commercials’ and what man purchased with ‘ads’. It was a unique time to live. If magic existed in this world it was hidden as no record exists except for a magical place called Vegas that chroniclers stated “A place here magic happens, and what Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.”

Perhaps some kind of magical or scientific amnesia machine? No one knows.

Sadly science also controlled war. Nuclear power, the harnessing of the smallest bits of life, chemicals that caused death in seconds, could be purchased by men and woman with little difficulty. Never had so many been able to control the safety of so few. It is no surprise that it ended.

Whatever man did, to bring about the Making, it was quick. Stories say that a military complex housed some kind of machine and an experiment caused the Making and the Shriek. If this is true, and whatever lays beyond the 5th fortress, is where the Making was created, its unlikely anyone will ever know.

The Fall…

The Fall was quick, sudden. Billions died, millions fled the cities in terror, the world rocked, the world twisted, lands buckled and flew apart. The only saving grace to the Fall was that, unlike a natural disaster that would have continued for some time, the Fall occurred in a very short amount of time and then ceased, creating the Making. Though the land was changed, many did not die right away and were able to write down, or chronicle what had occurred. Though many later succumbed to illness later, this was the one single bright ray of hope.

Knowledge, unlike other catastrophes before, was not as lost as it could have been.

The World Now…

Three hundred and some odd years after the fall mankind has done well, despite his hardships. Even though the City-States are mired in slavery and vice, they have electricity and coal, they have knowledge and for good or bad it is present and that is something everyone should be thankful for. Now men and women fight not only the land, but things coming in through the Making. It is a dangerous land, it is a place where man finds himself face to face with enemies he can’t even define. But as man has done in the past, he is doing now, he is etching a place for himself. Like a climber cuts into the rock to set his harness, mankind continues the climb, each city a handhold against the darkness, each town a ledge to sit upon and rest before the next climb.

Scum's Tales of History

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