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The Sandmasks. No one knows how they came about. Men and woman who found something in the desert that drives them. Never showing their faces they live their lives by a particular code.
Kill the Energy Cannibals at every turn.

No one knows how the two groups became antagonists but they kill one another on sight and with utter intensity. Sometimes a Sandmask will travel with Siltriders as guards while as Energy Cannibals hunt them in their Soulships floating in the air on heated air and the souls of those they have as slaves.

Both utilize various skills and weapons to kill on another.
Some have hypothesized that since they both hide their faces at all times perhaps they are form the same world. But no one dares ask.

  • Suit: Spades
  • Character Creation Tree

Social (-1 to Point Total)

Skills on Creation
Knowledge "Chosen Arc of Science)

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