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Passerine are a Birdlike Race that have identified with ancient Earth myth of bird men. They say they come from a planet that is almost 100% wild-land with millions of flying species. They can walk and have grown accustomed to living amongst the buildings of humans as they learned early on that building very high buildings did nothing but alert enemies they were close.

Though they do glide, they have difficulty in earth’s air and as their bodies grow heavier they have more and more difficulty. They are excellent scouts and incredible companions if one can get past their insane way of communication. Passerine are fond of squawking in the middle of sentences for no reasons. It is there way to show emotion as their voices do not carry the ability to do so.

They marry for life with others of their kind and females give birth yearly at a rate of 6-8 chicks each birthing. Usually 2-4 perish before their first glide. Upon a chick’s first glide they leave the home but they do not separate and they consider themselves family forever.

+1 To Social Pool

Passerine Traits

Capable of flight distances roughly 3x their age without rest
Hearing roughly 5x’s human equivalent
Eyesight roughly 3x’s human equivalent

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