Night Mist

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Night Mists are a rare breed of creature that has been classified as a Fairy for no other reason than, no other class seems to fit.

They usually appear as night lights, glow worms or fireflies and are notorious for buzzing the heads of creatures that are hunting, camofaluged or in some other way trying to not be seen. They are rarely seen in mid-desert and instead stay within the edges of the Breaks and the mountains to the east of the Little Desert.

Scum’s Notes:
Evil little shits! That’s what their classic name should be. EVIL LITTLE SHITS! Never have I come across a more bothersome creature as a Night Mist. If they are not spoiling your hunts they waking you up in mid sleep by lighting your night coat on fire! They are pesky they serve no real purpose and the worst ones have a habit of buzzing your ear for hours when you are trying to sleep. I rarely see them, luckily they stick to the edges of the Break Mountains, but when I do, I make sure to either spray them with oil and burn them, or hit them with a shot of buckshot. Either will take them down. You can get a good 5 ounces of rubber in trade for the wings of a Night Mist, but usually that will all be spent on buying new clothes as they will most likely have lit the last set on fire. They can speak their own language and they do also speak English if they are near a town. The ones near towns are far more docile and have been known to take up residence in boarding houses and the like. I don’t believe it. I think they are just waiting to burn the places down!

5-12 inches

.2-.9 pounds

Berries, supplies they stole

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Night Mist

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