Although the Manosteen share a few traits with the Pre-Fall Earth elephant the differences far outweigh the similarities. They share a trunk, although it is shortened and less useful as a tool, and the tusks and thick skull, they also share the overall thick hide. However, they are bipedal, quick witted, and well spoken monoliths of muscle, sinew, and bone. Their skulls are less wide than that of Earth elephants and more in proportion to their bodies as well. They have additional tusks that grow from the backs of their skulls after an adult reaches maturity. As these tusks continue to grow they meet and combine growing into a circle of bone that the race terms as the ring. A Manosteen with a full ring is considered a speaker and has equal rights to vote on Manosteen law, mate, begin building a home, and start collecting and acquiring information.

The collecting and saving of information drives the entire Manosteen race. For all their brawn and strength they seek to embrace peaceful negotiation, thoughtful contemplation, and the acquiring of knowledge above all things. Astronomers, scientists, academics, and poets are all highly respected lifestyles chosen by the Manosteen before they arrived on Earth.

Sadly, Earth is changing the race. By choice or by situation, this race has become known as talented fighters, skillful tacticians, and brutally efficient leaders. Their intense search for information and their ability to use it in the heat of battle make them exceptional comrades in the more dangerous lifestyles faced by those that live after the Fall. Although the elder Manosteen fight to keep their race from slipping into the anarchy that so many other races have devolved into, many of the Manosteen young quickly discover that their physical traits are worth more and are more worthwhile than their mental skills.


The Manosteen hail from the Endless, a land that they claim was a flat forested expanse with no end and no beginning. Their race historians give the first date in their calendar as almost 900,000 years ago and their legends and myths tell of the first Manosteen existing the Life Egg far before that. The race prides itself on social gatherings and communal teamwork, and an exceptional number of their past historical events are examples of Manosteen communal works and massive building projects.

A thousand years before they arrived on Earth the Manosteen did engage in a single massive war against a new race that was unknown to them. Artists within the Manosteen community draw these figures as nothing but horned thin shadows holding strange bars that seem to wither anything living. The Manosteen called the invading race the Anathema and tell terrible stories of entire landscapes of forest withered by the creatures weapons.

The Anathema killed millions of the Manosteen before the elders recanted any chance of negotiation and instead embraced an all out war against the Anathema. The battle lasted for over 340 years with the end culminating in the Anathema leader being slain near the Manosteens’ religious temple the Great Mound. On that day the Manosteen, as an entire race, gained the use of magic.

Many of the Manosteen elders fear that this long battle, and the newfound powers it seemed to unleash, permanently stained the race and their fear is easily seen as they view their young playing with sticks and knives, or casting small non-harmful spells, and not working on the great work that was once the race’s historical pride.

Physique, Diet and Lifespan :

Height: Manosteen range from 6-16 feet tall from birth to old age.

Weight: Although they easily grow to be over a ton in weight, they are fleet of foot and notoriously dexterous.

Diet: Omnivore Temperament: Peaceful through Vengeful

Age limit: The oldest Manosteen claims to be 250 years old. Most never reach that.

Childhood 1-8 Years: At this age Manosteen young usually embrace learning, family units, and group tasks. Since arriving on Earth many of the race seem to be drifting into the same warlike mentality of the races that surround them. Magic also begins to show its force at this age with many of the race’s young experiencing strange dreams, forebodings, or future events during sleep.

Teens 8-23 years: Manotseen teens learn reading, writing, science, and various other forms of academia. It is during the teen years that Manotseen get their first tattoo on their tusks. The tattoos are a mix of the own teen’s blood and a strange alchemical mixture that burns the writing into the tusk. Elders who perform the ritual have no idea what the tattoos mean or if they have a function. During the etching they are in a trance and remember nothing of the event. The tattoos are awarded for great works including caring for family members, caring for the land, and finding new areas of knowledge. Originally these tattoos were a symbol of a Manosteen beginning the rites of coming of age. Now the tattoos glow as they are applied, something that did not happen before the war against the Anathema. This change has shaken the normally stoic and strong willed race to its very core and many of the Elder wonder if their will be a day when they will need to cease this ritual. For now it is simply too difficult for them to give up another tradition after losing so much already.

Young Adults 23-50 years: This is the age that many Manosteen find themselves leaving the family units and traveling amongst the races of earth. They are stricken with an incredible wanderlust during this age and are more likely to engage in risky behavior. This is also the time that many Manosteen find mates. As they mate for life, many couples travel together through their young adult years.

Adult 50-80: Manosteen that achieve adulthood usually have a full horn ring at this time. They can enter any family unit or town, or city and vote as an equal member within that unit. It is the pride of every Manosteen to a be a good visitor for any host family that puts them up during a stay; many times a visitor will spend days working at another’s home to pay back the debt of housing or a good meal. The one sole strangeness concerning the Manosteen is their quick transition through adulthood to old age. Adulthood is a notoriously short period of the full spectrum of the Manosteen life cycle and as of yet there is no explanation as to why.

Old Age-Ancient 80-200+: Somewhere around their 80th day of birth a Manosteen slips into a uninitiated trance. During this time they learn the art of tattooing the tusks of other Manosteen and stop having their own tattoos added. This heritage based knowledge is passed on without any forewarning or previous training.

Reach & Range: Manosteen establishments and habitations stretch across the southern half of the Wild-lands into the big desert. Many elder members of their race push for a move into the East-lands as it is more familiar and similar to the Endless but so far they have stayed within the confines of the Wild-lands. No individual of the Manosteen will cross the mountains into the City-states areas. They believe the mountains to be haunted and travel there is forbidden.


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