City States

The City States are on the western side of the Break Neck mountains. A loose knit collection of massive cities that live off the energy created by the Energy Cannibals and supplied by a steady stream of vice, corruption and sin.

Scum’s Notes: The City States. Well I went there one time and that was 3 times too often. Sure they are more protected in their cities, sure they have running water sometimes, and fresh water sometimes, they also have death lotteries, cancers from their various industries and forced slavery. Hey travel there. Feel free. But don’t expect to come back with your feet!

Break Neck Mountains
The Break Necks separate the City-States from the Wild-Lands. Inside their twisting peaks and sharp obsidian walls lies the mysterious 5th Fortress, the Making to the north, and the Shriek.

Wild Lands

The Wild-Lands are within the bowl between the Break Neck mountains to the west and the Dragon’s Teeth Mountains to the East. Thousands of miles of desert stretch across its vast area, split between the northern Little Desert, and the Earth Sun to the south. Small towns dot the land as humans who desire freedom eek out a life in the harsh land

Watch Tower Towns
These small towns usually grow up around a fresh water creeks or other natural resources. Due to their small size they have grown intelligent in their ways. They have set up watch towers with polished glass reflectors that can signal across the desert to one another. Flashes are of different meaning, warning other watch towers of incoming enemies.

East Lands

The East Lands are the lands to the East of the Dragon Spine Mountains. The forested area is twisted and blighted by the wars in the past.

Odds and Ends

Dragon’s Teeth and Dragon’s Spine Mountains
The mountains the separate the Wild-Lands from the East-Lands are a rugged series of sharp peaks offset by twisting canyons and dangerous avalanche areas. Mysterious groups live within the mountains and many are the tale told of mysterious lights at night, strange sounds of chanting and a feeling of being watched while near the mountains edge.

The Skies

The Oceans

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