Common Wild-Land Terms – Locations

Bit Bit: A town with a large robot contingent. Usage: “That towns a little to bit bit for my tastes ta tell you honest.”
Hot River: Possibly contaminated with pre-fall chemicals. Risky or dangerous to drink from. Can be used as a torture device.
Shaky: A town that is principally funded by prostitution. Usage:“Pipes isn’t just named funny its shaky in the downtime’s that’s for sure!”
Thirsty: A town with no water source. Usage: “Tha’t not a good place to stay fer long. Its a thirsty place near constant!”
Watch Tower Town: Towns outfitted with reflective communication devices(polished steel or glass) to communicate across vast distances in the Wild-Lands.

Common Wild-Land Terms – Travel & Encounters

Fitter Than I: Used to indicate a natural or unnatural location or threat that is more than a match for the speaker. Usage: “The Blightmound is fitter than I.”
Lost His Water: Term for a person that dead from exposure to the elements.
Sand Dog: Heat mirage on the sand.
Soft Touch: A locations particularly dangerous to travel during the day.

Common Wild-Land Terms – Slang

Bone Breaking Contest: Battle between 2 seemingly undefeatable foes.
Cup & a Half: Slang for prostitute skilled in oral sex.
Water Body: Man or woman that appears useless in a fight or within a towns ecosystem
Slam Matt: Bed.


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