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Law in the Post Fall Earth is a rarefied and mysterious thing. Though most would believe that the law barely exists, if at all, their is a structure to the lives of those who live after the Fall that can only be partly attributed to those rare men and woman who do not want to see the world fall, or stay in the anarchy of a lawless world.

Law in the City States

Laws for City’s in the city states is usually governed and the laws chosen by, whichever group or person that runs that particular city. Thus the laws of Anafad could be far different than the laws one would encounter in Legion. The adherence to the law and understanding of the laws are solely the responsibility of the people within the cities themselves. If a law is broken, the assumption is, that it was done knowingly, and punishment is meted with little pity.

Law in the Wildlands

It is, without needing to be stated, a unique and somewhat more dangerous place for a person living in the wild-lands. Though the laws in the City-States can appear harsh there is an almost overt and military like peace within the cities that does not exist in the Wild-lands. Here men and women must fend for themselves and the only law they will see is most likely the Marshal’s if a town has one, that exist in the communities that have cropped up there.

However, some men and women have stepped forward as lawmakers and sometimes a city’s Marshal will extend the reach of their law to the local lands outside their town. If someone is brave enough, there is always money to be had. In exchange for a stipend and equipment those who hold the peace are expected to understand the local laws and enforce them.

At times the enforcement of laws can be puzzling and each person may have a different outlook of the laws that they enforce. Some lawmen are quick to exact final retribution on criminals while others are mediators and fire only after diplomacy ends. The partnerships between Marshal’s and the deputies or hired lawmen last lengths of time in accordance with that understanding. If the two disagree on how laws are to be enforced the job ends quickly, if there is agreement, a Marshal and the hired law could work together for years.

Law and How It is Viewed

In the Westlands and City States law is usually viewed as overly ambitious. However, a few citizens who are interested in keeping those safe within the city states work hard to offset the dangers

In the Wildlands Law is usually viewed as overly positive and generally helpful of the citizenry.

No information is known concerning law in the eastlands.

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