Humans are the original life form that controlled the major landmasses of Pre-Fall Earth. However, since the fall and after 300 years of the Making, dropping random races into the world, Humans number only double the amount of the other races combined. Shocking when they originally numbered 7.9 Billion people before the Fall.

Humans are notorious for being stubborn, hard headed, yet intelligent, and quick on their feet. They have a short lifespan compared to all the new races aside from Dorgal’s and Goblins, and frequently end those lives with violence.

Humans have a headstart when it comes to knowledges in the given world

+1 to Skills on character creation

Race Notes:

Humans breed with humans and occasionally other races such as Elves and even rarer Dark Dwarves. They usually have 1 child but twins and triplets are not unheard of. Human babies are useless until they are 7-8. Depending on the situation children can either branch out on their own or continue with family traditions. Humans have almost no universal rule for their treatment of children.

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