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Goblins Desert

Desert Goblins are sickly looking frail appearing but brutally vicious humanoids that may rival the energy Cannibals in their tally of victims.

Scum’s Notes:

What keeps them in check is they can not, will not, or don’t know how to get along with Trolls and troll against Goblins is like guns against toothpicks its just laughable.

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Goblins Mountain

Mountain Goblins are not related as a family to Desert Goblins but no other race has as many traits and characteristics in common and they do have a tendency to leave one another alone which makes them family enough in these hard times.

Scum’s Notes:
Never seen on. But from what I have heard they fill their bellies with anything, they can run faster than their fat appearance would suggest and use bones and wood as clubs. They also seem to be ill effected by the contaminants in the Break Necks and though humans would die if they chose to take up residence in most of the Break Necks, Goblins do well.

Goblin Traveler

Scum’s Notes: I admit I never thought I would meet a Goblin I liked but if you meet a traveler Goblin you may find them to be excellent hosts. They get their name from scavaging and moving their entire mid-life years and only settle down in their later years. Their lives are set out such as
Young Age – Fight amongst themselves and learn skills where they can
Middle Age – Scavenge and collect
Late Age – Settle down and trade or open a business.

I know a few who have settled down and they speak good enough English to get buy, hate Dark Dwarves with a vengeance, though they swear they don’t know them from anyone but earth, and will be able to find you the best items you can ask for at an acceptable price.

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