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Scum’s Notes: Find out for your damn self!

Diabolical, haters of all things technological, illogical, those are the 3 ways people seek to describe the flying pox known as the Gargoyle.

No one knows exactly when Gargoyls appeared on Pre-Fall Earth, they simply showed up began appearing in stories and myths for some months before they were first actually seen by a large group of people.

Gargoyls are one of the most dangerous groups within the Post-Fall Earth ecosystem. They kill almost everything they meet, they erect castles and other fortifications with ease no matter where they are. In the end, they kill, maim and destroy everything. They have a particular hatred for technology.

Race Notes:
Gargoyls do have young but they keep their hidden in their caves or fortresses and by the time they are seen by others they are adults. No one knows their patterns or breeding.

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