Energy Cannibals

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Energy Cannibals, as a race are a mystic people. They only travel while garbed in ash grey or black robes, their faces look as if they are flat blankets of black velvet criss-crossed with strange glowing patterns like green neon spider webs or other arcane symbols. Each individuals face is a different pattern.
Sadly the Energy Cannibals are the only race that has made headway into returning the use of electricity to After Earth. Their means are via strange machines that need humans to work, these machines extract vital nutrients, and energy from the people unfortunate enough to be placed inside.

Energy Cannibals were the first race to create a city on the other side of the Break Necks creating the first of the City States, Legion. However, they are not power brokers in the normal sense and quickly gave control of the city to the first City Lord Zontuga The Slayer.

Energy Cannibals are one of the few races that travel across the Break Necks and into the wild-lands looking for people to trap. They leave cities alone, instead picking and choosing people who are careless or fall for their tricks which range from traveling with other humanoids in the appearance of a trade caravan, or hollowed out pitfalls.

Race Notes:

Energy Cannibals spend their lives in a constant search for their pray. What breeding they do is unknown and children are kept away from public view until they appear as young adults. The only way to tell if one of them is an young adult is that their energy webbing on their face will glow lighter than an adults.

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Energy Cannibals

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