Character Arc of Sciences

Arc’s of Science are the general modal to which a person lives. Their general way of life and in a way how they progress through life. They are chosen when a player chooses a class or a race with a specific entry that states they get a Arc of Science.

Arc’s of science give general bonuses to skill checks when the specific situation warrants it. A character may also take a specialization (Written onto the sheet right after the knowledge, skill, or ability that has 3 or more dots) so in effect a character can have the Arc of Science of Armor, then in Skills-Technology he could write duel layered plate as a specialization after that skill goes to 3 or more dots.

If he was then working on armor, that was duel-layered, difficulty for that roll would drop by 2. One for the Arc itself, and another for the specialization.

Arc’s of Science Generic:

Armor Lore
Create/Modify/Repair Armor
Create/Modify/Repair Blades
Create/Modify/Repair Clothing
Create/Modify/Repair Guns
Creature Lore City States
Creature Lore East-Lands
Creature Lore Wild-Lands
Creature Lore General
Explosives Gunpowder
Explosives Chemical
Flight Animal
Flight Human
Hunting Racial Type
Hunting Monster Type
Hunting Robot Type
Create/Modify/Repair Machinery
Marital Arts
Race Elf
Race Dorgal
Race Dark Dwarf
Race Human
Racial Troll
Salvage Racial
Salvage Post-Fall
Salvage Particular Item Type

Arc’s of Science Specific:

Eleven Magic
Dark Dwarf Spell Breaking
Ley Lines
Runic Weapons
Water Discovery

An Armatist may choose an Arc of Science labeled Weaponry, or Bladed Weapons, or vehicles. This is their chosen base profession after their class and is the same for other classes as well. So you may have a Salvager with an Arc of Medicine meaning they Salvage with a specialization in medical devices and information.

An Elf may choose Fire, Life, Water, Rock, or other natural skills. Those born on Post-Fall earth can chose others such as Steel, Sand, Lava, and so forth and most of their spells will have some component of that.

An elf who chose Sand, may have a spell that mimics the effects of another Elf’s Fireball spell but be a whirring mass of sand that hits with incredible force and instead of causing brute force damager AND later fire damage, it causes brute force damage and choking damage as the target chokes on the sand. This results in effects that somewhat overlap but can be both cosmetically and statistically different though results are somewhat identical (the enemy dead).

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Character Arc of Sciences

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