Burrow Wilts

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Burrow Wilts are 4 legged creatures with a passing resemblance to large earth cats of the Pre-Fall Era. However, they are nearly 12 feet long, stride as much as 30 feet in their leaps and can approach horse sprint speed. They are carnivorous and voracious eaters.

However, the Burrow Wilt also has strange symbiotic traits that have never been seen before. Sacts of essence lace their front shoulders and anyone with the smell of a Burrow Wilt on them, is never attacked by the creatures. The fact that a Burrow Wilt only releases the essence when in a peaceful state, makes the chance of anyone actually getting the essence on them very low. They chose when to the release the chemical and even during attacks or when the pouch is cut the essence does not get secreted and instead a secondary chemical is released that fouls whatever is left of the essence, in the pouch, making it worthless. Only a very few men and women have been lucky enough to find a stray cub and feed it to tame it. Once they do however, they are connected with the Burrow Wilt and are considered its master having an almost telepathic connection to the cat.

Scum’s Notes:
The only thing I can say about a Burrow Wilt is, they dig their damn burrows so deep that finding a young abandoned cub is almost impossible unless you kill its parent right above its den. Some have done it however, as Caleb the 1 Footed owns a Burrow Wight he has named Snickers due to its very dark coat and his own addiction to a Pre-Fall Earth Candy snack of the same name.

Adult 10-12 feet
Adolescent 5-7 feet
Cub 2-3 feet

1000-1400 pounds
400-700 pounds
20-300 pounds

Carnivore with a taste for any Bipedal humanoid.

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Burrow Wilts

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