Aims and Practices

A characters aim and practice identify the overall world view of the character.


The characters aim is their overall belief system intellectually though many times this is not reflected by outside actions. Aims are the overall driving force of a character. A character with an aim of survivalist makes most decisions with his own survival at the highest of priorities while someone with capitalist makes their decisions based on their money making power.


Practices are those actions or attitudes a character shows to the world as they take actions to fulfill their life’s aim. Brute force, tactical, and humor are all different practices and character can have.

List of Aims and Practices

  1. Anarchist
  2. Altruist
  3. Bully
  4. Coward
  5. Cranky
  6. Despot
  7. Dilettante
  8. Danger Seeker
  9. Energetic
  10. Friendly
  11. Foster
  12. Gallant
  13. Gullible
  14. Hater
  15. Idiosyncratic
  16. Idealist
  17. Jealous
  18. Lover
  19. Mercurial
  20. Menacing
  21. Naturalist
  22. Operator
  23. Off Putting
  24. Patient
  25. Petulant
  26. Ready
  27. Slippery
  28. Strong-willed
  29. Traditionalist
  30. Utilitarian
  31. Vocal
  32. Whiner
  33. Zany

Aims and Practices

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