After The Fall: EarthFall

Week 2 The Long Road

As night encroaches you settle down with the others at the base of the creatures legs. Victor points out that no scavengers seem to be collecting around the dead creature. You spend the early hours of the night discussing with the other travelers the possible cause of this unnatural event.

Chip sets up a group of people to patrol the area in case the battle did alert other dangerous creatures of your location.
You settle down for the night eating rations and fighting off the dropping temperature. The shattered moon rises up across the horizon and the reflected sunlight of the dying sun sparkles across bits of the moon that have shattered and broken off. Throughout the night flashes of light mark the entry of moon bits dying as they fall into the worlds atmosphere.

“May I sit?” An elven woman asks as she encroaches the small fire under the lean to. She is tall and built for movement, and dressed with an assembly of canisters and flasks along belts and bandoliers hanging from her thin frame.
“Of course.” Chip nods to the ground, “Pull up some sand.”
She nods to each of you awkwardly and sits down near the fire. She is thin and both her hands are stained a deep black that streaks up from her fingertips to her elbows. Your recognize that as a sign of a Mactaro the scarring and burns are a simple side effect of working with explosive and corrosive materials.
You watch with fascination as she begins pulling out a small metal plate and handle and starts pulling canisters from her belt.
Chip raises a hand, “I do not plan on being blown up tonight.”
The woman smiles and sprinkles a small amount of powder onto the plate, “It is a salve for my burns, nothing dangerous I assure you.” She waits until Chip nods in response to her answer.
Within a few moments a sweet smell comes up from the powder which begins to melt into a paste which she then spreads across her hands grimacing as she works.
“Lady…you have some serious sand.” One of the men states as he watches her work.

You trade off with the patrol for a second watch which goes slowly but without real issue and wake at dawn to a strange chattering sound.
“Do not fret.” Chip says as you roll quickly out of bed. He points to the feet of the golem where Xitix have begun collecting the skin from the golems foot.


As you pack up and prepare to move on the X!!itix continue working on the body of the creature completely oblivious to you and the group. You notice that a small group of them are gathered around the small burial site where the party buried some of those killed yesterday.

Chip nods to you both and then smiles at the creatures, “They will wait for use to leave.”
“How do they know?” Ezra asks.
Chip shrugs his pack over his shoulder, “No clue. I like to think it is in honor of our dead. The more I think of it the less special it becomes.”

The dawn begins clear but quickly clouds begin to shelter over your heads angrily as yellow and green streaks of silent lightning sparkle back and forth like gods waring in the sky.

By noon the wind has picked up and the sand is ablating across any exposed skin. Ezra is the first to notice that the group is being spread thing across the dunes and Chip halts from the front of the group so the rest can gather together.

“We are down one.” Chip counts heads a 3rd time. “Markus is missing.” He counts a 4th time, “Damn it. I should have slowed us down.” He looks back the way you came then finally seems to have made a decision.
“You both. Keep heading East. If you lose sight of the sun stop on the opposite side of a dune and wait it out. If I don’t return in 2 hours keep moving East.”

He turns to the others in the group, "Follow them, they know where we are headed. Derrik, Pete, " he points at two of the men who have run patrol most nights, “Keep everyone together.” He moves to them and shakes there hands and without another word goes turns back the way you came and moves off quickly constantly searching the ground for signs.

How do you want to continue?



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