After The Fall: EarthFall

Week 1 Act 1


Previous Actions:
Marctaro or mage are possibilities that run through my head, and I relay Fridge’s info to the rest of the group. A lone man walking through the wastes is bold or stupid. We ain’t lucky enough for stupid.

“Too true friend. Too true… " Ezra removes his rifle from his back and cocks the hammer. He aligns the sights towards the horizon and pulls the trigger. Click. After a glance toward the Victor and Fridge, “Just making sure, Don’t want to be late to the party again.” Ezra inserts the clip into the rifle and levers a round into the chamber.



Fridge seems surprised the gun doesn’t fire than smiles at the realization that Ezra was only playing. He pants for a second then again there is no continued game to be had and whines in frustration as he turns to trot back to the main part of the group to see if anyone is interested in discussing the finer points of flea removal(one of his favorite subjects).

Victor moves off to the front of the group.
“No no. You can roll in sand. It works.” Victor hears Fridge telling one of the disinterested group as he moves past the group and the Dorgal and jogs up to the lead tracker.

The half/elf tracker is a tall fellow always dressed in yellowish dirty robes to camouflage his shape during travels. He wears a set of scars down both cheeks that look more interesting than threatening and as usual he wears a pair of old goggles around his neck for sandstorms. The man is a picture of preparedness and beneath the robes various bumps and shapes threaten hidden weapons.

Humorously his name is Chip. It is either because his front tooth is chipped, as someone pointed out last night with the observant skills of a blind man, or because he is one of the nicest people you have ever traveled with.
“Victor.” Chip greets Victor quietly. “There is a wind brewing. Do you hear it?”
Victor stops for a second and listens. The day is as still as a dead cow and easily smells worse.
Chip smiles. “Indeed. Nothing. We are in the center of it. Its been moving with us, or we have been moving within it for a day now. But we are getting to its edge. Soon we will be right in the teeth of it. See the black stream begins to wind and twist on itself up ahead?”
Victor looks and sees that the Deadeye, the name for the black hardened surface the group have been walking on, does indeed begin to twist and turn and meander over itself a mile or so ahead and shimmers with an almost watery glow. “Ya”
“If you look close you can see the sand blow over it.” He turns back to you for a moment, “I am sorry. Did you need something?” He then goes back to scanning the horizon as he walks.
“Fridge says someone is coming.”
Chip stops. “He does?”
Victor nods.

The rest of the group, seeing Victor stop slow their pace than cease walking as well.
“I see nothing. I smell nothing.” He scans intently for a moment, squinting against the yellow cloudy haze.
“But my brother used to say ‘Never question a Dorgal’s sense of smell.”

Victor smiles, “Smart man.”

Chip shrugs, “He was stabbed in the lung by one of his many lovers. So he may have been smart but he wasn’t fast.”
He turns to the group and holds his fist up. The group begins to slowly condense, each reading arms quietly as possible, those with long range weapons in the back, those with chemical weapons or slug throwers in the front.

Moments pass then Chip nods towards the horizon, where, far off enough to almost be imagination, a dim black dot can be seen slowly growing closer.
“Damn the skin of my brother and damn the noses of Dorgals. Yep that is indeed someone.” He shifts slightly and before Victor realizes it he is holding an odd wooden and burnished copper or bronze barreled long rifle. He puts the scope, a recently added peice if the lack of damage is any indicate, to his eye.
“One man. Hood. Limp. Staff. No wait. Gun. Not usable.”
Victor smiles, "Right. How can you tell its not usable from here? He is like 2 miles away.
Chip shrugs, “Barrel is bent. That’s why I thought it was a staff. He is arrow straight right towards us.”
He looks at Victor and then back at the group and shoots Victor a smile, “Why don’t you go grab your friend and bring him up here? I want to go meet him, share words, break our fast and since we aren’t even near the Grit Grind or the Mirrorshard and he doesn’t walk like an Elf. I would rather have some some of you fine Human Beings with me just in case he doesn’t agree with my upbringing.” He accents the Words Human Being like he is slow or dimwitted but is smiling the entire time.

Moments later Ezra and Victor rejoin Chip.
“Victor fill you in?” Chip asks without indicating what he is talking about.
“Yep.” Ezra says simply.

Chip nods again then slowly turns to the group, “We will be back. Stay here. If you hear shots. By my eyes do not shoot at anything. You are more liable to hit one of us 3.”
He shoulders the rifle and waves you forward.

What do you want to do?
Remember you can actively take a task and roll on your own if you want without me prompting. Lets break up responses like this.
Roll: Perception + Investigation (short description of what the roll is for like “Spot weakness” or “find fleas”

I begin following chip, constantly eyeing the shape on the horizon trying to make out features as quickly as I can."


Before I turn to follow Chip I look at Fridge I tell him “could be an ambush.. be on your toes, or paws in your case.” Then I turn to follow chip and Victor, as we walk I am scanning the horizon to the left and right of the figure coming towards us.

Week 1 Act 1

I will follow Chip until we get in reasonable eyesight. Then I want to walk in front of Chip with no weapons. Basically not threatening, but have Chip ready to shoot if it goes bad.

Week 1 Act 1

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